RAS June 2013 Newsletter

Dear members and friends of RAS Korea,

June 17 is the anniversary of the founding of our Association in 1900.
To celebrate that, we always hold a Garden Party for current members,
and traditionally we also offer a special Book Sale. This year the
Garden Party will be held next week, it will as usual include a direct
sale of many books about Korea at discounted prices. From June 1 until
June 20 there will be an Online Book Sale with discounts of 10% (non-members) – 20% (members) on the prices of the books we have for sale.

At last, the complete list of the books we have in stock is available in our home page
arranged according to subject-matter, so that you can see what is
available and order books easily. You can pay through our Paypal
account, too. Be warned, we sometime have just 1 or 2 copies of certain
long-out-of-print titles. Once they have been sold we will not be able
to obtain any more copies. So you should order promptly!

Our Mongolia Adventure
in mid-July has attracted a lot of interest, I am glad to say. We plan
to offer another overseas visit in late August, exploring Osaka and Nara
in Japan with Professor Bob Fouser. I hope many will join. Otherwise,
we have decided not to offer any ordinary excursions in July when it
often pours with rain, and only a couple in August, when many people are
away. Our lectures too will be suspended during the summer vacation,
after one planned for July 9, and will resume on September 10.

This year’s issue of our journal Transactions is with the
printers. It will be distributed to the members attending the Garden
Party. Other members will receive it by mail but that might take some
time and we would be very happy to welcome you to our office where you
could pick up your copy and view the books for sale at the same time.


In June we will have 3 lectures, always in Somerset Palace at 7:30pm :

Tuesday, June 11,
Dr. Tatiana Gabroussenko (Korea University) will talk about “Yǒngye
kunin and North Korean national identity.” This will introduce a quite
unfamiliar topic from North Korean art, fiction and movies, involving
the practice of proposing to an invalid “honourable veteran” and
becoming his or her spouse-cum-nurse, often without ever seeing the
future husband/wife before marriage.

Tuesday, June 19,
Jaroslav Olsa jr., the Czech Ambassador, will introduce Han Hŭng-su: a
multi-talented but forgotten Korean scholar, who spent many years in
Europe in the 1930s, then returned to live and work in North Korea,
where he soon disappeared without trace.

Tuesday, June 25,
Professor Wayne Patterson will talk about “Christianity, American
Missionaries, and Korean Immigration to the United States, 1903-1915.”
He is a recognized expert on this topic, which marks the beginning of
the Korean presence in North American society.

Videos of recent lectures can be seen through our home page


In June we plan to offer several shorter walking tours, since so many of you have only limited free time:

June 6 Yeongsan-jae performance at An-san Bongwon-sa (David Mason)

June 16 Walking in Incheon (Robert Fouser)

June 22 Walking in Jongmyo/Jongno 3-ga (Robert Fouser)

June 23 Naejang-San National Park (Sue Bae)

June 29 Sobaek-san (Sue Bae)

June 30 Introducing Korea’s unique Gods and indigenous Faiths (Jun (Y.K.) Shin)

See photos of the RAS excursion to make tea near Hweom-sa temple

A New Book

Eerie Tales of Old Korea, selected by Brother Anthony. (Seoul
Selection). One hundred years ago, the Founding Fathers of the RAS in
Korea, Homer B. Hulbert and James S. Gale, both translated various
Korean stories about ghosts, demons, fairies and other such creatures,
and published them in volumes that are now very rare. Brother Anthony
has chosen a few that he finds especially entertaining and Seoul
Selection have published them to mark the 150th anniversary
of the births of Hulbert and Gale in 1863. This is highly recommended
for summer (or winter) reading. The book can be ordered from the RAS office.

With all my best wishes,

Brother Anthony,
President, RAS Korea


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