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Lecture Video: Emerging large scale private businesses in North Korea

Lecturer: Andrei Lankov

While North Korea is usually described in media as a 'Stalinist country', this long has become a misleading description. From the mid-1990s the private sector plays an important, or even dominant role in the North Korean economy. While most of the North Korean businesspeople operate on small level, some entrepreneurs have amassed significant capital, and operate rather large companies. In most cases the North Korean large companies are registered as owned by the state, with the 'foreign exchange earning operations' being the most common cover for such activities. The lecture will discuss how captains of North Korean big business work and live, what is their relations with the state and their possible future.

Andrei Lankov was born in Russia in 1963, he studied in Leningrad State University and Kim Il Sung University in North Korea. His major research interest is North Korean social and political history; he has published five books and a number of articles on this topic. He now teaches at Kookmin University, Seoul.

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Excursion Video: Korean Pottery & Porcelain in Icheon Area

Sights and sounds from our excursion to Icheon. For more tours, see our home page.


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Daehangno and Hyehwa-dong: An Architectural Walk

Highlights from our excursion

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Excursion Highlights: The Spirit of Gwangju

Some sights and sounds from our excursion to Gwangju. See our home page for upcoming excursion around Korea and in Seoul.

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Three Historic Houses in Seongbuk dong

Sights and sounds from our excursion.

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Bukchon Excursion Video

Here are some highlights from our recent Bukchon excursion including an interview with the tour leader, David Mason.


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Lecture Video: The Baekdu Daegan as One Mountain System

Roger Shepherd discusses his travels throughout the Baekdu Daegan during this RAS Korea lecture.


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Lecture Video: A day in the life of the British Ambassador to the Republic of Korea

Her Majesty’s Ambassador Scott Wightman's lecture to the Royal Asiatic Society Korea.

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Cheorwon Video Journal

Some highlights from our recent excursion to Cheorwon. Special thanks to David Gemeinhardt who made the video.

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Seorak-san Excursion Video Journal

A video showing some highlights from our 2014 Lunar New Year excursion to Seorak-san. The video clips were taken by David Gemeinhardt.

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