The Library contains some 2,000 or more volumes, almost all of them on topics related to Korea. It has accumulated over several decades, mainly through members’ donations. It is always in need of additional materials in order to provide a fuller coverage. The Library is housed in housed in the RAS Korea office.

View an online catalogue of our collection.

Key to the Catalogue:

  • Books in the Korean (and other languages) section are listed in green (although many art texts in Korean are still in the general library)
  • Books in the Oversize section are listed in blue
  • Books in the Rare Books section are listed in red
  • Books highlighted in grey are being considered for removal as they have little connection to Korea.
  • The catalogue follows the Library of Congress system
  • View a general explanation of LC call numbers

A large number of the RAS Library’s books cover the areas of Korean Religion, History and Literature. Books in those areas are also listed in separate files (which have not been updated since 2013).

No provision exists for books to be borrowed, all books must be read in the room housing the library. Anyone wishing to consult the library should contact the librarian, Michael T. Welles, at or the office at royalasiatickorea@gmail.comView Library Regulations.

Read the history of the Library in Transactions vol 63 (1988) by Harold M. Otness.



From 1900, the year RAS Korea was founded, we began publishing an annual journal, Transactions. Publication has continued ever since, so long as the Society was active. Transactions is published once a year in May.

In 2011, thanks to a generous grant from the Academy of Korean Studies, the entire series was scanned and is now freely available in various formats.

Back issues of Transactions are available either individually or in a complete set of bound reprints (volumes 1-40) and originals, from the RAS Korea office. Indexes to the complete series can be viewed through the links on the sidebar. A printed Index of volumes 1-85 was published in 2011 and can be purchased from the office (send us an email to

We welcome submissions of papers on any aspect of Korea, ancient or modern. Papers about any aspect of Korea, past or present, may be submitted for publication in Transactions at any time. They should be serious, well documented studies on topics related to aspects of Korean nature, culture and history etc. Romanization of Korean names etc should use the McCune-Reischauer system or the current official Korean government system. Papers should not normally exceed 15 single-spaced A4 pages. Documentation (citations) should be in endnote / bibliography style, following the 15th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. Illustrations, especially those that would require printing in color are not normally acceptable for reasons of cost.

Inquiries and submissions should be addressed by email to the General Editor, Jon Dunbar (, or to the Chairman of the RASKB Publications Committee, currently Brother Anthony (


E-Book Library

In addition to its library of printed books, RAS Korea also offers everyone access to a wide variety of electronic editions.




Anyone wishing to purchase books in the below lists should send an email to indicating the exact title and author of the books desired, together with the full name and complete mailing address to which they should be mailed. Please also indicate if books should be sent by airmail to an overseas address, otherwise books for overseas destinations will be sent by surface mail. Alternatively, those living in Korea may collect the books from our office. The RAS Korea office will calculate the total cost, including packing and mailing, and reply by email. Current members of RAS Korea are entitled to a significant discount on the price of books purchased. Payment can be made by PayPal (in US dollars etc, not Korean won), by bank transfer, or by check. If you need the total price to be quoted in a currency other than Korean won, please ask.