Andong Gourmet Trip

Monday, August 26, 2019 - 9:00am to Tuesday, August 27, 2019 - 6:30pm
Andong in North Gyeongsang Province
KRW250,000 for members; KRW300,000 for non-members
Tour Leader: 
Ms. Veronica Kang (Gastro Tour Seoul) & Ms. Jennifer Flinn
   ì´ë¯¸ì§€: 식물, 나무, 실외

Andong Gourmet Trip

Meeting Point:  In front of the Yongsan Post Office, near Exit 1, Sinyongsan subway station (신용산역) (Blue line/Line 4, #429). At 8:55 am. 

Date: October 25 - 26 (Saturday & Sunday), 2019.  

RSVP due extended to Saturday, September 7, 2019.  Please register by clicking here.  

* Acknowledgement: The tour as a special Korean cultural experience program is supported by the generosity of our sponsor, ADF (Asia Development Foundation), which covers the transportation cost. 

    This special tour, led by Ms. Veronica Kang, a gastro tour specialist, focuses on experiencing some unique culinary traditions of decent families in Andong. We will visit 5 old traditional houses – ‘Suaedang’ and ‘Jeongjaejongtaek’ of the Jeonju Ryu Clan, ‘Sujoldang’ and ‘ChiAm’ old house of Toegye Yi Hwang Descendants, and ‘Chilgaejae’ of the Andong Jang Clan – in Andong, to taste their own specialty foods and liquors of family heritage. We will also visit some historic landmarks of Andong, such as Dosan Neo-Confucian Academy and Andong Hahoe Village.


이미지: 음식, 실내



[1st Day]

08:55 - Meet up at Yongsan Post Office

12:00 - Lunch at Gourmet Resort for 'Sujoldang' specialty 'Geonjinguksu' which is 'Andong Kalguksu' of Teogye Yihwang's Descendants. This noodle is featured at the KBS World Wide Documentary 'Noodle Road' which got awarded from 'Peabody' Award.

15:00 - Visit Dosan Neo-Confucian Academy

Dosan Neo-Confucian Academy was founded to memorial Toegye Yi Hwang                                                       (

18:00 - Dinner at 'Suaedang' of the Jeonju Ryu Clan's old traditional houses and having 'Heotjaesabap' which means dinner from the "Fake Ancestor's Memorial Day Table".

20:00 - Night Snack Table 'Songhwaju' Tasting at 'Jeonjaejongtaek' of the Jeonju Ryu Clan's head family. 'Sonhwaju' which means ‘pine needle and chrysanthemum liquor is designated Intangible National Treasure and history over 380 years.

21:00 - 1 night stay in 'ChiAm' old house owned by Toegye Yi Hwang Descendents. (Andong Couple of RAS Garden Party)

[2nd Day]

08:00 - Breakfast at 'ChiAm' House. 'Porridge'

10:00 - Tea time at 'ChiAm' provides 'Yukwoowon Tea Table' which means 6 friends called from 'Toegye Yi Hwang' including 5 friends, Bamboo, Chrysanthemum, Pine Tree, Lotus, and Plums.

They provide 'Songhwadashik (Pine Pollen with Honey)' and other Korean sweets, served with Plum tea.  

12:00 - Visit Andong Hahoe Village & Bouyongdae Hill

14:00 - Late Lunch at 'Chilgaejae' of the Andong Jang Clan.

Lady here is very famous in Andong. She prepared food for Royal Families of England when they visited in Andong.

15:30 - Leave to Seoul

18:30 - Arrive Seoul. 

* The price includes:

- All food & beverages experience at 5 old traditional houses

- One night accommodation in Traditional Old House called "ChiAm Gotaek"

- Visiting Dosan Seowon (Neo-Confucian Academy listed UNESCO World Heritage)

- Visiting Hahoe Village (Folk Village listed UNESCO World Heritage)

- Transporation 

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