Experiencing Korean spirituality through Buddha, Buddhism and Seon(Zen) and exploring relocated historical relics around Hotel Shilla (Mainly indoor program)

Saturday, January 19, 2013 -
1:00pm to 6:00pm
Int’l Seon(Zen) Center, Buddhist Museum and temples at Dongguk University, and relocated historical relics at Jangchungdan Park and Hotel Shilla
22,000 for RASKB members and 26,000 for nonmembers
Tour Leader: 
Mr. Jun (Y.K.) Shin (RAS KB), Mr. Young-Soo Kim (Int’l Zen<Seon> Center), Kwang Bae Lee (Dongguk University Museum)

Designed for the extremely cold winter season, this program is organized so that participants spend most of the time indoors, in places such as the International Seon (Zen) Center (국제선센터), the Buddhist Museum (불교박물관) as well as visiting Jangchungdan Park (장충단 공원), Dongguk University (동국대학교) and Hotel Shilla(신라호텔).

First, we will visit some relocated historical relics around Janchungdan Park (장충단 공원) near Hotel Shilla before visiting the Int’l Zen (Seon) Center and other parts of Dongguk University. These relics include such interesting historical remains as the Jangchungdan Epitaph (장충단비, Seoul Tangible Cultural Property No. 1), the Supyogyo Stone Bridge (수표교, Seoul Tangible Cultural Property No. 18), the Statue of the reverend Samyeong(사명대사 동상), and Jeonggakwon temple (정각원, which is the former Sungjeongjeon Hall of Gyeonghuigung Palace<경희궁 숭정전>, Seoul Tangible Cultural Property No. 20), and we will learn about the various tragic events associated with them, and the reasons why they have been relocated to their current sites.

After a warm-up walk round the historical sites, the group will move to Daegakjeon Dharma Hall of the International Seon (Zen) Center at Donnguk University. A Buddhologist and tantric meditation teacher, Glenn H. Mullin (www.glennmullin.com), will give an English Dharma Talk about Buddhism and its philosophy, and then we will have Q&A session on his lecture. Lastly he will provide an opportunity to meditate and practice Seon(Zen) together.
After the Zen (Seon) practice, we will visit the Buddhist Museum of Dongguk University. A museum curator will explain its rich variety of statues, sculptures, stone sutras, sutra chapters, paintings, and handicrafts related to Buddhism.
If the weather and the participants’ energy permit, the tour will end with a vist to the well-preserved Fortress Wall and Guest House for VIPs from abroad(영빈관) at Hotel Shilla.
We will meet and begin at 1:00pm at Dongguk University Station (동대입구역, Orange lIne #3, Station No. 332), exit number 6(Inside), and will end around 6:00pm. The cost: 22,000 for RASKB members and 26,000 for nonmembers. Please register by sending an email with the following information to royalasiatickorea@gmail.com by January 14, 2012.

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Please make a tour payment to the following account: Shinhan Bank Account #100-026-383501 (RAS-KB)

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