Folk Tales

Title Author Publisher Year of Publication List price
Blindman’s Daughter Adams, Ed.     6,000
Brave Hong Kil-dong/ The Man Who Bought the Shade of a … Kim Yong-Kol Hollym 1990 6,000
Brother and Sister Who Became and the Sun and the Moon Lee, Kyu-hee Borim 1996 9,000
Fairy and the Woodcutter and Other Stories, The Onnuri Pub. Onnuri Pub.   10,000
Faithful Daughter Shim Chong, The / The Little Frog who… Duane Vorhees Hollym 1990 6,000
Five Wonderful Superhero Friends Yang, Jae-hong Borim 1996 9,000
Folk Tales from Korea Zong, I. Hollym 2005 15,000
Folk Tales of Old Korea Tae Hung Ha Yonsei 1984  
Grateful Magpies and twelve other stories, The Jin, Chol-bo Seoul International Publishing House 1989 5,000
Greedy Princess, The / The Rabbit and the Tiger D. Vorhees & M. Mueller Hollym 1990 6,000
Korean Children's Favorite Folk Tales Hollym Hollym   9,000
Korean Cinderella Adams, Ed. Seoul International 1985 6,000
Korean Folk and Fairy Tales Crowder Han, Suzanne Hollym 2006 15,000
Korean Folk Tales Yu, C. et al.     8,000
Korean Folktales Cho, Hee-Woong, et. al Jimoondang 2001 25,000
Lazy Man, The/ The Spring of Youth Duane Vorhees Hollym 1990 8,000
Magic Stick of Plenty, The Chong Cha-jun Borim 1996 9,000
Mr. Moon and Miss Sun/ The Herdsman and the Weaver Duane Vorhees Hollym 1990 6,000
Ogre's Magic Clubs, The/ The Tiger and the Dried Persimmons Vorhees,D; Mueller,M Hollym 2009 6,000
Rabbit's Judgment, The Crowder Han, Suzanne Henry Holt and Company 1991 17000
Red Bean Granny and The Tiger Cho, Dae-in Borim 1997 9,000
Seven Brothers and the Big Dipper, The/ Hungbu, Nolbu and… Duane Vorhees Hollym 1990 8,000
Snail Lady, The/ The Magic Vase Duane Vorhees Hollym 1990 8,000
Son of the Cinammon Tree, The/ The Donkey's Egg D. Vorhees & M. Mueller Hollym 1990 6,000
Song of the Faithful Wife, The. Translated by Richard Rutt Pratt, R. RAS 1999 7,000
Tiger and the Got-Kam and Other stories, The Michelle Cho Onnunri 2006 10,000
Tortoise and the Hare and Other Stories, The Onnuri Pub. Onnuri Pub.   10,000
Two Brothers and Their Magic Gourds Adams, Ed. Tuttle 1984 6,000
Two Love Stars, The - The Story of Kyonu and Chingnyo Lee, Mi-ae Borim 1997 9,000
Woodcutter and the Heavenly Maiden/ The Five Dogs Duane Vorhees, Mark Mueller Hollym 1990 6,000
Woodcutter and Tiger Brother/ 나무꾼과 호랑이 형님 (bilingual) Rhee, Nami Hollym 1988  


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