Gaesong Industrial Complex Exhibition Walking Tour

Saturday, August 18, 2018 -
2:00pm to 6:00pm
Seoul Station Area
W20,000 for members; W25,000 for non-members
Tour Leader: 
Jun Y.K. Shin

RASKB - Walking Tour with Beer!

Meet Up Location: meet to start the tour at 2:00pm at Seoul Station (서울역) Station No. 133 or 426, Dark Blue Line #1), Exit Number 2.

Summary: Exhibition of Gaeseong Industrial Complex (GIC, 개성공단) at Culture Station Seoul 284 (old Seoul Station), Seoullo Bridge Street & the Yaghyun Parish Church, and tasting craft/tap beers from Germany, Korea and Czech between our walking tour.

Number of participants: Maximum to 15 people due to mainly indoor program

Fee: W20,000 for members and W25,000 for non-members (beer is not included in fee)

Tour Leader: Jun Y.K. Shin, RAS Korea Council Member

This walking tour composes of looking around the Exhibition of Gaeseong Industrial Complex(GIC, 개성공단)and visiting historic sites, such as old Seoul Station, Seoullo bridge street & the Yaghyun Parish Church, and tasting together craft/tap beers from Germany, Korea and Czech Republic.

First, we will visit the exhibition of Gaeseong Industrial Complex (GIC, 개성공단) to be held at old Seoul Station. We will look around the art works and displays to be created and installed by 10 Korean artists such as 24 hours in GIC, Robo Café and a workroom to be filled with sewing machines, Project Ari: hand-made football shoes by North Korean workers under a South Korean craftsman, Brothers Peak in Bukhansan mountain and when the day comes, the night view of Gaeseong Industrial Complex and its South-North Korean workers, the Party to be borrowed from Cinderella fairy tale. After looking around the GIC exhibition and old Seoul Station, we will move to a German Restaurant at Seoul Square Building to taste German Cologne beer (Kölsch) and/or German Weizen beer.

For your information, Gaeseong Industrial Complex (GIC, 개성공단) is located in 5~6 kilometer behind DMZ in Gaeseong (Kaesong, 개성), North Korea. It was the first joint industrial complex of South-North Koreans which opened in 2004 and suspended in 2016, amid the ups and downs of inter-Korean relations, under UN & USA sanctions. Frankly speaking, South Koreans had little information and interest in what was going on inside the complex for more than 10 years.

Second, we will go up to Seoullo bridge street and look around its scenery from the bridge, installations, and plants & flowers. And if it is available, we can share the effect of the Seoullo project and compare similar facilities with other countries. And then, we will have a networking time between tour participants with drinking Korean craft beer (Pilsner, wheat ale & IPA) at a cafe terrace near Seoullo street.

Lastly, we will visit the Yaghyun Parish Church, which is the first western-style stone church in Korea in 1892 and was established next to the place of an execution ground of a great number of martyrs. After visiting the church, we will enjoy Czech Kozel dark beer at a pub house near the church. We will be able to compare Korean, Czech and German beer each other.

Jun Y.K. Shin is a Council Cember of the RASKB and co-leads Business & Culture Club meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

Please register your RSVP by Wednesday, Aug. 15, for the Gaesong Industrial Complex Exhibition Walking Tour, Saturday, August 18, 2018, by simply click here. Please register one RSVP at a time.
☞Payment may be remitted to the following account: SHINHAN BANK ACCOUNT # 100-026-383501 (RAS-KB).

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