Korean Literature

Title Author Publisher Year Genre List price
Agony with Pride Lee, Dong-Jin Seoul International Publishing House 1986 Literature 3,500
Ainu Chung, Y. International Cultural Society 1989


Literature 10,000
Bamboo Grove Rutt, Richard University of Michigan 1998


Literature 19,000
Chosun Limericks Wade, James (Ed) Hollym 1971 Literature 5,000
Cross of Shaphan, The. Translated by Sol Sun-bong Kim, Tong-ni 시사영어사 1983 Literature 15,000
Cry of the Magpies, The Kim, Dong-ni Jimoondang   Literature 15,000
Descendants of Cain, The Hwang, S. East Gate




Literature 20,000
Distant Valleys: Poems of Chong Chi-yong Kister, D. Asian Humanities




Literature 15,000
Dwarf Launches a Little Ball, A Cho, Se-hui Jimoondang   Literature 5,000
English Poems of Jung-kee Lee, The Lee, Jung-kee Hanshin Publishing Company 1988 Literature 8,000
Eternity Today: Selected poems by Ku Sang. Trans: Brother Anthony of Taizé Ku, Sang Seoul Selection 2005 Literature 8,000
Ever White Mountain, The: Korean Lyrics in the Classical Sijo Form Pai, I.K. Tuttle




Literature 8,000
Everlasting Empire Yi, In-hwa Eastbridge 2002 Literature 19,200
Explorations in Korean Literary History Lee, P.H. Yonsei




Literature 5,000
Faces in the Well Suh, J.M. Seoul Computer




Literature 18,000
Fugitive Dreams: Poems by Sowol Kim Kim, J. & R.B. Hatch Ronsdale




Literature 15,000
Hail to the Emperor! Translated by Sol Sun-bong Yi, Munyol 시사영어사 1986 Literature 8,000
Hong Gildong Seo, Hajin Jimoondang   Literature 5,000
Human Decency Gong, Ji Young Jimoondang   Literature  
In the Flux of Time: Selected Poems Shin, Chang-Ho     Literature 4,000
Interrelated Issues in Korean, East Asian and World literature Cho, Dong-Il Jimoondang 2006 Literature 12,000
Introduction to Classical Korean Literature, An: From Hyangga to Pansori Kim, Kichung M.E. Sharpe 1996 Literature  
Jehol Diary, The (HARD) Pak, Chiwon BRILL/Global Oriental




Jehol Diary, The (SOFT) Pak, Chiwon BRILL/Global Oriental




Journal of Korean Literature & Culture (2012) Korea Institute     Literature 38,000
Korean Literature UNESCO UNESCO   Literature 25,000
Korean Literature in Cultural Context and Comparative Perspective Cho, Dong-Il Jimoondang 1997 Literature 15,000
Korean Through Myths and Legends Rhee, Robin Hollym 1997 Literature 10,000
Land of Exile: Contemporary Korean Fiction Pihl, Marshall L. , Bruce Fulton, Ju-Chan Fulton, trans, eds M.E.Sharpe 1993 Literature  
Life of a Rainhat Poet Ha, Tae Hung Yonsei Univ. Press 1988 Literature 5,000
Mansei: the Making of a Korean American (HARD) Hyun, Peter University of Hawaii Press 1986 Literature 15,000
Mansei: the Making of a Korean American (SOFT) Hyun, Peter University of Hawaii Press 1986 Literature 10,000
Maxims and Proverbs of Old Korea Ha, Tae Hung Yonsei Univ. Press 1987 Literature 8,000
Meditations of the Lover Han, Yong-Woon Yonsei Univ. Press 1970 Literature  
Metacultural Theater of Oh T’ae Sok, The Graves, R.B University of Hawaii Press 1999 Literature 10,000
Modern Korean Verse in Sijo Form Kim, J.H. Ronsdale




Literature 15,000
My Cup Overflows Son, Tong-Hui Daesung 2006 Literature 14,000
My Very Last Possesion: And Other Stories Park, Wan-Suh M.E. Sharpe




Literature 20,000
Naked Tree, The. Trans: Yu Young-nan Pak, Wan-seo Cornell University 1995 Literature 20,000
Nature Man and Afterward: Selected poems by Jaihyun Joyce Kim Kim, Jaihiun Joyce Hanshin 1995 Literature  
Oral literature of Korea Seo Daeseok Jimoondang 2005 Literature 35,000
Oriental Birth Dreams Seligson, Fred Jeremy Hollym




Literature 12,000
Our Twisted Hero, translated by Kevin O'Rourke Yi, Munyol Minumsa 1987 Literature 7,000
Peace Under Heaven Ch’ae, Man-sik East Gate 1993 Literature 26,000
Poetry and Music of the Classic Age Ha, Tae Hung Yonsei Univ. Press 1958 Literature  
Praying for Tomorrow: Letters to my Husband in Prison Lee, Hee-Ho Uni of Southern California 2000 Literature 15,000
Prophet and Other Stories, The Yi, Choon-Jun Cornell East Asia




Literature 15,000
Rainbow, The Kim, Jaihiun Joyce Hanshin Publishers 1995 Literature  
Rainy Spell and Other Korean Stories, The Suh, J.M. M. E. Sharpe,




Literature 20,000
Reed-Plumes and other Poems Kim, Jaihiun Joyce P & L 1979 Literature FREE
Running Water Hermitage, The Hahn, Moo-Sook Moonhwang 1967 Literature 4,000
Selected Poems of Pak Mogwol Kim, U, Jain




Literature 12,000
Seoul - 1946 - Winter (Translated by Marshall R. Pihl) Kim, Sung-ok Hollym 2008 Literature 9,500
Snowy Road and other stories, The: an anthology of Korean fiction Yee Sallee, Hyun-jae (Ed.) White Pine Press 1993 Literature  
Snowy Road, The. Translated by Hyun-jae Yee Sallee Yi, Chongjun Hollym 2004 Literature 8,500
Soaring Phoenixes and Prancing Dragons James Hoyt Jimoondang 2000 Literature 46,000
Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven: A Korean Epic. 2nd Ed. Hoyt, James RAS 1971 Literature 8,000
Spirit Bird Journey Nelson, S.M. RKLOG




Literature 15,000
Surfacing Sadness: A Centennial of Korean-American Lit. 1903-2003 Choi, YearnHong Homa & Sekey 2003 Literature 30,000
Ten Korean Short Stories O'Rourke, Kevin Yonsei Univ. Press 1981 Literature 8,000
Tower of Ants Choi, In-Ho Hollym 2004 Literature 8,500
Toy City Lee, Dong-ha Koryo Press 2007 Literature  
Trees on a Slope: Modern Korean Fiction Hwang, Sun-Won Hawaii




Literature 18,000
Twofold Song. Translated by Kwon Kyong-mi Yi Munyol Hollym 2004 Literature 8,500
Understanding Korean Literature Kim, H. M E Sharpe




Literature 25,000
Understanding Modern Korean Literature Kim, Y. Jimoondang




Literature 13,000
Virtuous Women: Three Classic Korean Novels (HARD) Rutt, R. and Kim, Chong-un RAS 1974 Literature 25,000
Virtuous Women: Three Classic Korean Novels (SOFT) Rutt, R. and Kim, Chong-un RAS 1974 Literature 20,000
Walk in the Mountains, A. So Young En Hollym




Literature 9,800
Wastelands of Fire: Poems by Ku Sang. Trans: Anthony Teague (Brother Anthony of Taizé) Ku, Sang Forest Books 1990 Literature 10000
Weathered Blossom Park, Wan-Suh Hollym




Literature 8,500
Wheel of Life, A: A collection of English Essays Nahm, Yong-woo Samyoung Press 1986 Literature 3,000
Who's Who in Korean Literature KCIE Hollym




Literature 20,000
Wind and Bone Stewart, Ruth RAS 1980 Literature 2,000
Wind and the Waves: Four Modern Korean Poets, The Lee, S. Asian Humanities




Literature 10,000
Wind from the South, The Son, So-Hui 시사영어사 1988 Literature  
Wings, The Yi, Sang Jimoondang   Literature 10000
Words of Farewell: Stories by Korean Women Writers Kang, S. et. al.. Seal Press




Literature 25,000
Wounded, The Yi, Chongjun Jimoondang   Literature 5,000
Writing Women in Korea Hyun, Theresa University of Hawaii Press 2004 Literature 20,000
Yang for Every Yin, A Holstein, John Seoul Selection 2005


Literature 18,000
Yogong: Factory Girl Spencer, R. RAS 1988 Literature 6,000



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