Seoul Colloquium in Korean Studies

Jointly organized by the Seoul Center of the ÉFEO and RAS Korea, the Colloquium has existed since 2013 as a forum at which Korean Studies scholars (whether faculty or students) can present work in progress in English in an informal setting and invite discussion of their ideas. In recent years the Colloquium has been held in the Asiatic Research Institute of Korea University, thanks to the collaboration of the Ecole Française d’Extrême Orient. Meetings are held once each month, with one speaker each time.

There is no registration, anyone interested can attend. Scholars wishing to make a presentation should contact Brother Anthony or Elisabeth Chabanol The other core members of the Coloquium are Professors Key-young Son, Kathryn Weathersby and Boudewijn Walraven.

After 6 pm the front door of the Institute is locked, so please try to arrive a little earlier. If the door is locked, please wait for somone to come out so that they can let you into the building. Or call Brother Anthony, 010-8979-8301 We like to go somewhere for supper at the end of the colloquium.

Location : Korea University Asiatic Research Institute (Room 310)

Take Exit 1 from Korea University subway station, turn right onto the footpath leading up onto the campus.

Walk straight up the road past LG Posco Hall, the Business School and Main Library (all on the right hand side).

The Asiatic Research Institute is the building next after the Library

(Building 39 on the Campus Map )

The next Colloquium session

Thursday June 14, 2018, 6pm

Presentation: Henny Savenije

Hendrick Hamel’s report on Korea

Hendrick Hamel (1630-?) was the first foreigner to write about Korea from experience of living within the country and for more than 200 years his published account, radically revised and translated into various languages, was the only one. B. Hoetink in 1920 published a transcription of a 17th century document he had found that was ostensibly the original report written by Hamel himself. In the national archives in The Hague (Den Haag) I discovered far more than Hoetink did. I then put everything I found on the internet to receive peer to peer reviews. Since then I have received lots of supplements and corrections. For instance, Hamel’s death date remains open since as recently as two weeks ago Valentine Wikaard produced compelling evidence that his generally accepted death date was open to many doubts. In my modern Dutch translation of the report I have added Dutch translations of several Korean documents which shed new light on other relevant facts. There is compelling evidence that Weltevree didn’t come from De Rijp but from Vlaardingen, for example. I shall argue that Hamel did write the document in question but that the narrative is not exclusively his as he sometimes writes about himself in the third person. I hope to publish a book with all the translations I have made. I also hope to go to Jakarta to search for another copy of the original handwritten document by Hamel since the manuscript I have is one of the 7 copies made by scribes in then Batavia to be sent to Holland.

Henny Savenije hails from the Netherlands and was always fascinated by history, maps and Asia (in that order). Strangely enough he first got a masters in math and a PhD in psychology but after his first visit to Korea he seriously started to do research into the early Dutch documents of Korea.Main publications: A Dutch adventure in Asia (the adventures of a Dutch soldier, a diary kept from 1895-1705)

Hamel's Journal: A modern translation of the Journal in Dutch. Ad Donker B.V. Rotterdam 2003

Hamel's Journal in Korean Hamel Bokoseo, M&B, Seoul, 2003

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