Sujong-sa, Hongyu-neung and Donggu-neung Tour

Sunday, January 27, 2013 -
9:00am to 6:00pm
Sujong-sa, Hongyu-neung and Donggu-neung Tour
W45, 000 for members and for non-members W54, 000
Tour Leader: 
Ms Sue Bae

Today's tour will take us north along the banks of the Han River on a beautiful, scenic road heading towards Wungil san. Near the crest of the northern mountain range lies the serene temple of Sujong sa, nestled beneath two majestic ginkgo trees. Our temple trek will take us on a path that passes under chestnut, elm and pine trees, while far below us the merging of the North Han and South Han Rivers forms a natural S curve and united they become one of central Korea's largest rivers. It is said that in 1458 King Sejo (7th Joseon King) came by boat to this river junction and spent the night. In the early morning, he heard what he thought was the faint sound of temple bells. Thinking that there was a temple in the area, he went in search of one and found only a cave containing eighteen stone images of Buddha's disciples and dripping water. It was this sound that the king had heard, and he ordered that a temple be built on that site and named Sujong-sa (Water Bell Temple). In 1969, a new structure was built to replace the temple destroyed during the Korean War.

The hike will take about one and a half hours round trip, so be sure and wear comfortable walking or hiking shoes and comfortable clothing. After the hike, we will take a scenic drive along the Han River Valley bank on our way to the next stop.

We will also be paying a visit to Hongyu neung, the tomb site of the last two Joseon Dynasty kings. This is the most elaborate royal tomb, with some of the best examples of Joseon stonework. The rows of stone guardians are patterned after the Imperial Ming Tombs near Beijing. After this visit we will head off to tour the Dongu neung (East Nine tombs). This is the largest concentration of Joseon Dynasty tombs, and represents various periods of the dynasty, including King Taejo, the first Joseon ruler.

Cost of the tour is W45, 000 for members and for non-members W54, 000, which covers transportation and entrance fees. The bus will leave at 9:00 a.m. from beside the Korean Yongsan Post Office near Sinyongsan Station #429, exit #1 (Subway blue line) and return to Seoul will be 6:00 p.m. Please remember to bring your lunch for the day or you can buy at the Korean restaurant nearby.
Reservation Confirmation: Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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