Walking the Old Gyeongui Line

Sunday, September 22, 2019 -
1:00pm to 5:00pm
Gyeongui Line Forest Park in Seoul
20,000won for members; 25,000won for non-members (dinner/drinks not included)
Tour Leader: 
Dr. Robert Fouser
 ì´ë¯¸ì§€: 나무, 식물, 하늘, 풀밭, 실외, 자연

Walking the Old Gyeongui Line

Meeting Point:  Exit #9 (above ground) of Samgakji Station (Lines 4 & 6) at 13:00. 

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     On this walk we will fallow the old Gyeongui railway line from Samgakji Station to Yeonnam-dong near Gajwa Station. The Gyeongui Line, which ran from Yongsan to Sinuiju, was built by the Japanese in 1905 but abandoned in the early 1950s. The tracks were moved underground in the mid-2000s as part of a project to revive the line to give commuters northwest of Seoul faster access to the city.

     The old tracks were removed, and the land was converted into a park in stages. The last stage opened in 2016, allowing for a continues walk of 6.3 kilometers through a landscaped park official called Gyeongui Line Forest Park. The walk offers a unique view of the cityscape that was built up near the tracks. It also offers a chance to learn about this history of railways in Korea and their impact on the growth of cities during the Japanese colonial period. During the walk, we will stop frequently to discuss recent trends affecting change in Seoul.

     After crossing over the Gyeongbu Line tracks, we start the walk at the southernmost end of the park. This section has interesting examples of the how new construction embraces the park. The next section near Sogang University offers a look at how residents and businesses have integrated older buildings into the new cityscape. The next section is the Gyeongui Line Book Street that takes its theme from the youth culture in the nearby Sinchon and Hongdae areas. The final section of the park starts from Hongik University Station and ends in Yeonnam-dong just before Gajwa Station. Commonly called “Yeontral Park” after New York’s Central Park, this section has received the most attention. We will end our walk at the end of the Yeontral section where a group of small old buildings and houses have been converted into shops and cafés that are linked by walkways. 


이미지: 나무, 하늘, 실외, 자연

     We will meet at Exit #9 of Samgakji Station (Lines 3 and 6) at 13:00. Most of the area is flat, but the walk is long, so comfortable walking shoes are advised. Participants are welcome to join Robert for a meal (not included in the fee) at one of several Chinese restaurants in Yeonnam-dong after the walk ends.

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