Walking Tour: Along Korean Imperial Route

Saturday, July 13, 2019 -
10:00am to 1:30pm
around Seoul City Hall & Gwanghwamun
20,000won for members; 25,000won for non-members
Tour Leader: 
Mr. Jun Y.K. Shin
이미지: 나무, 식물, 실외

Along Korean Imperial Route, Walking Tour

Meeting Point:  Exit 6 (inside), City Hall Station (시청역, Station #132). AT 9:50 am.

No. of participants: Maximum to 15 people due to indoor programs.

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- Destinations: Imperial Temple and Altar of Heaven (Wongudan, 원구단), Daehanmun Gate and Seoul Plaza, Great Han Imperial Palace and its histori from Jeongdong Observatory, Jeonggwanheon & the King's Road, the site of Mr. Sunshine's Glory Hotel (Hotel Sontag), Russian legation, the miniature of Heavenly Altar, the monument for the 40th Gojong Enthronement, Mansemun (10,000-year-old gate), Gyeongbokgung Palace and its history from the observatory of National Museum of Korean Contemporary History.

The Korean drama, “Mr. Sunshine” set in the Imperial Palace during the Great Han Empire (대한제국) and was very popular for a while. Come and enjoy a Walking Tour along the real setting of the drama, the Korean Imperial Route and other neighboring historical sites.
Our first site is the Imperial Temple and Altar of Heaven (Wongudan, 원구단) near the Western Chosun Hotel. Wongudan Altar was the place where the Daehan Emperor, Gojong, performed sacrifices to Heaven. This visit to the octagonal-shaped building will give better understand of the principle of Cheonwonjibang (천원지방, heaven is round and earth is square).
The tour continues to the Daehanmun Gate and Seoul Plaza, where we learn of their great historical importance in the Korean Empire. From there, we move to the Jeongdong Observatory and compare Jeongdong's past with its present before moving onward to the imperial palace with its western palace and observatory. Perhaps a cup of coffee can be enjoyed at the observatory’s café.
After coffee, we will follow the newly restored pathway in Jeongdong that leads from the British Embassy to the former site of the Russian Legation, taking the King’s Road behind the US Ambassador's residence, the Habib House.
We will then stop briefly to see the miniature of the Heavenly Altar at Seoul History Museum before proceeding to the Monument for the 40th of King Gojong's Enthronement where the leader gives commentary on the the Mansemun gate (만세문) and Sun, Moon & Five Elements (음양오행) within the monument.
The tour ends at the observatory of Korean Contemporary History Museum where the leader will explain the history of Gyeongbokgung Palace by comparing the Royal (King’s) Palace with the Imperial (Emperor’s) Palace. Their geomantic importance follows traditional rules for the Chinese Imperial Palace, which mandates “종묘사직 (JongmyoSajik)”, the system of placing “the shrine to the left and the altar to the right” (좌묘우사, Jwa Myo Wu Sa).

Jun Y.K. SHIN is a life member of the RASKB and sits on its council. He also leads the RAS – Business & Culture Club tours on the 3rd Tuesday of every month which holds its 55th meeting June 18, 12-1pm.
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