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Lunchtime walk: original Cheondogyo church in Insadong

Date: Tuesday, September 29, 2020. 12:00-13:00.
Leader: Jacco Zwetsloot


** Meeting Point: Anguk Station, outside Exit 6. At 12:00PM.


Join us for a lunchtime walk and look inside the Central Temple of native Korean new(ish) religious movement Cheondogyo.
Construction for the Central Temple of Cheondogyo, the head temple for the religion of Cheondo, started in December 1918 and finished in February 1921. Its foundation was proposed by Son Byeong-hee. The temple is t-shaped building with a Baroque-stylerooffeaturing a 4-story steeple, with influences of Vienna Secession in its overall architectural design.
Cheondoism has an interesting history in Korea.
In North Korea the Cheondoist Party is one of the very few parties allowed to exist alongside the Korean Workers’ Party.