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Volume I Part 1 1900 PDF file
James S. Gale: The Influence of China upon Korea. I:1-24
Homer B. Hulbert: Korean Survivals and Discussion. I:25-50. (Web version)
George Heber Jones: Korea’s Colossal Image of Buddha. I:57-70
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Volume II Part I  1902   PDF file (all parts of Vol II)
Mark N. Trollope: Kang-wha [Kanghwa]. II, part I:1-36
George Heber Jones: The Spirit Worship of the Koreans. II, part I:37-58.

Volume II Part II 1902
James S. Gale: Han-Yang (Seoul). II, part II:1-43
Homer B. Hulbert: Korean Folk-tales. II, part II:45-79
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Volume III   1903   PDF file
George Heber Jones: Ch’oe Ch’i-wun [Ch’oe Ch’i-wŏn]: His Life and Times. III:1-17
C.T. Collyer: The Culture and Preparation of Ginseng in Korea. III:18-30
Catalogue of the Landis Library  III:41-61
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Volume  IV Part I  1912-13   PDF File (all parts of Vol IV)
Midori Komatsu: The Old People and the New Government. IV, part I:1-12
James S. Gale: The Korean Alphabet. IV, part I:12-61

Volume  IV Part II
I.Yamagata: Japanese-Korean Relations After the Japanese Invasion of Korea in the 16th Century. IV, part II:1-11
P.L. Gillett, The Village Gilds of Old Korea. IV, part II: 13-44
M. Ishihara, M. Coinage of Old Korea. IV, part II:45-74
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Volume  IV Part III
Arthur Hyde Lay: Marriage Customs of Korea. IV, part III:1-15
James S. Gale: Selection and Divorce. IV, part III:17-22
W.Carl Rufus:The Celestial Planisphere of King Yi Tai-Jo[Yi T’aejo]. IV, part III:23-72

Volume V 1914   PDF file
E. A. Gordon:Some Recent Discoveries in Korean Temples and Their Relationship to Early Eastern Christianity. V:1-39.
Cecil H. N. Hodges: A Plea for the Investigation of Korean Myths and Folklore. V:41-53.

Volume VI Part I  1915   PDF file (all parts of Vol VI)
N. H. Bowman:The History of Korean Medicine. VI, part I:1-34.
E.Wade Koons:Afforestation in Korea.VI, part I:35-42.
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Volume  VI Part II
James S. Gale: The Pagoda of Seoul. VI, part II:1-22.
Horace H. Underwood: Hunting and Hunters’ Lore in Korea. VI, part II:23-43
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Volume VII  1916   PDF file
Edwin W. Mills:  General Map of Korea. VII: back cover. 1910.
Edwin W. Mills:  Gold Mining in Korea. VII:5-39
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Volume VIII  1917   PDF file
Mark N. Trollope: Introduction to the Study of Buddhism in Korea. VIII:1-41.
Frederick Starr: Corean Coin Charms and Amulets, A Supplement. VIII:42-79. (corrected text without images) (corrected text with images)
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Volume  IX 1918   PDF file
Ernest H. Wilson: The Vegetation of Korea. IX:1-68
Mark N. Trollope: Arboretum Coreense, Being a Preliminary Catalogue of the Vernacular Names of Fifty of the Commonest Trees and Shrubs Found in Chosen. Part I.  IX:69-90.
Hendrik Hamel: Account of the Shipwreck of a Dutch Vessel on the Coast of the Isle of Quelpart, With Description of the Kingdom of Korea. IX:91-148
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Volume X  1919   PDF file
J.D. Van Buskirk:The Climate of Korea,and Its Probable Effect on Human Efficiency. X:3-58.
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Volume XI  1920   PDF file
Basil Hall: Captain Basil Hall’s Account of His Voyage to,the West Coast of Corea in 1816. XI:3-37
Mark N Trollope: Arboretum Coreense, Being a Preliminary Catalogue of the Vernacular Names of Fifty of the Commonest Trees and Shrubs Found in Chosen. Part II. XI:39-100.
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Volume XII   1921    PDF file 
R.G. Mills: Ecological Studies in the Tong-nai River Basin. XII:3-78

Volume XIII  1922   PDF file
James S. Gale: The Diamond Mountains. XIII:1-67.

Volume XIV  1923     PDF file
J.D. van Buskirk: Some Common Korean Foods. XIV:1-8.
H.B. Hulbert: National Examination in Korea. XIV:9-32.
A.I. Ludlow: Pottery of the Korai [Koryŏ] Dynasty(924-1392). XIV:33-39
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Volume XV  1924     PDF file
James S. Gale (trans.):  A Shipwreck (Korean) in 1636 A.D. XV:3-32.
W.W. Taylor: Korean Roads Past and Present. XV:33-56.
W.W. Taylor: Development and Trend of the Automotive Transportation in Chosen. XV:57-82.
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Volume XVI  1925      PDF file
E.M. Cable:Old Korean Bells. XVI:1-45.
E.Wade Koons:Beacon Fires of Old Korea. XVI:46-52.
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Volume XVII  1927      PDF file
W.E. Griffis: Address. XVII:1-14.
Hugh Miller: A Royal Funeral in Korea. XVII:15-29
Index to Transactions I-XVI. XVII:31-35
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Volume XVIII  1929      PDF file
Harold J. Noble: The Korean Mission to the United States in 1883. XVIII:1-21.
A Sister of the Community of St. Peter: Some Wayside Flowers of Central Korea. XVIII:22-40.
A Sister of the Community of St. Peter:  Herbae Koreanae, Being a First List of Some of the Commonest Herbaceous Plants Found in Korea. XVIII:43-82.
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Volume XIX  1930      PDF file
Charles Hunt: Some Pictures and Painters of Corea. XIX:1-34.
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Volume  XX 1931    PDF file
Horace H. Underwood: Occidental Literature on Korea. XX:1-15.
Horace H. Underwood: A Partial Bibliography of Occidental Literature on Korea, From Early Times to 1930. XX:17-185.
Supplement: An Appreciation of the Life and Work of the Late Right Reverend Mark Napier Trollope, D. D.
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Volume XXI  1932   PDF file
Mark Napier Trollope: Corean Books and Their Authors, Being an Introduction of Corean Literature. XXI:1-56.
Mark Napier Trollope: Index of Corean Books and Their Authors. XXI:57-104.
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Volume XXII  1933      PDF file
Daniel James Cumming: Notes on Korean Birds. XXII:1-67.
M. W. Oh, The Two Visits of the Rev, R. J. Thomas to Korea. XXII:95-123.
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Volume XXIII  Part I 1934     PDF file (both parts)
Horace H. Underwood: Korean Boats and Ships. XXIII, part I:1-90.
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Volume  XXIII Part II      PDF file
John L. Boots: Korean Weapons and Armor. XXIII, part II:1-37.
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Volume XXIV   1935     PDF file
Charles Hunt: Diary of a Trip to Sul-Ak San [Sŏrak-san] (Via the Diamond Mountains) 1923. XXIV:1-14.
L. George Paik: The Korean Record on Captain Basil Hall’s Voyage of Discovery to the West Coast of Korea. XXIV:15-19.
E. & G. Gompertz: Supplement to “A Partial Bibliography of Occidental Literature on Korea,” H. H. Underwood. XXIV:23-48.
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Volume XXV  1936      PDF file
Massy Royds (trans.):Introduction to Courante’s Bibliographie Coreene. XXV:1-99.
Mark Napier Trollope: Book Production and Printing in Corea. XXV:101-107.
Index to Transactions 1-25. XXV:111-122
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Volume  XXVI      PDF file 
W. Carl Rufus:Astronomy in Korea. XXVI:1-48.
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Volume XXVII  1937      PDF file
Ralph M. Cory: Some Notes on Gregorio de Cespedeo, Korea’s First European Visitor. XXVII:1-55.
G. St. G. M. Gompertz: Archbishop Mutel, A Biographical Sketch. XXVII: 57-132.
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Volume XXVIII  1938     PDF file
E. M. Cable:The United States-Korean Relations 1866-1871. XXVIII:1-62.
E. M. Cable:  Part II. The Naval Incident Under Rear Admiral John Rodgers  XXVIII: 63-230.
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Volume XXIX  1939      PDF file
E. O. Reischauer and G. M. McCune:The Romanization of the Korean Language Based on Its Phonetic Structure. XXIX:1-55.
G. M. McCune:The Yi Dynasty Annals of Korea. XXIX:57-82.
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Volume XXX  1940      PDF file
John L. Boots: Korean Musical Instruments and an Introduction to Korean Music. XXX:1-32.
Carrington Goodrich:Sino-Korean Relations at the End of the 14th Century. XXX:33-46.
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Volume XXXI  1948-9      PDF file
H. H. Underwood:Korea Branch Of The Royal Asiatic Society Its Past And Present. XXXI:1-7
Warren Viessman: Ondol Radiant Heat in Korea. XXXI:9-22.
Charles Hunt: The Historic Town of Yo-ju [Yŏju], Its Surroundings and Celebrities. XXXI:24-34
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Volume XXXII  1951     PDF file
Helen B. Chapin: Palaces in Seoul. XXXII:3-50.
Helen B. Chapin: Puyŏ, One of Korea’s Ancient Capitals. XXXII:51-61.
L. George Paik:Tripitaka Koreana. Library of Woodblocks of Buddhist Classics at Haein-Sa, Korea. XXXII:62-78.
Charles Hunt: Supplement to Article on Yo-Ju [Yŏju] in Vol. XXXI. XXXII:79-82.
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Volume XXXIII  1957      PDF file
Wilbur D. Bacon: Tombs of the Yi Dynasty Kings and Queens. XXXIII:1-40.
G. St. G. M. Gompertz:Some Notes of the Earliest Western Contacts with Korea. XXXIII:41-54.
Helen B. Chapin: Kyŏngju, Ancient Capital of Silla. XXXIII:55-72.
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Volume XXXIV  1958      PDF file
Richard Rutt: An Introduction to the Sijo—A Form of Short Korean Poem. XXXIV:1-88.
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Volume XXXV  1959      PDF file
Gregory Henderson: A History of the Chŏng Dong Area and the American Embassy Residence. XXXV:1-32.
Lee Kwang-rin: Census Taking under the Yi Dynasty. XXXV:32-50
Donald S. Macdonald: The American Role in the Opening of Korea to the West. XXXV:51-66.
William E. Henthorn: Some Notes on Koryŏ Military Units. XXXV:67-75.
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Volume XXXVI  1960      PDF file
Richard Rutt: The Chinese Learning and Pleasures of a Country Scholar, an account of Traditional Chinese Studies in Rural Korea. XXXVI:1-100.
Sohn Pow-key: The Opening of Korea: A Conflict of Traditions. XXXVI:101-131.
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Volume XXXVII  1961      PDF file
Wilbur D. Bacon: Fortresses of Kyŏnggi-do, XXXVII:1-63. April, 1961.
William E. Henthorn: Some Notes on Parhae (P’ohai). XXXVII:65-81. April, 1961.
Kim Ha-tai: The Transmission of Neo-Confucianism to Japan by Kang Hang, A Prisoner of War. XXXVII:83-103. April, 1961.
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Volume  XXXVIII  1961      PDF file
Richard Rutt: The Flower Boys of Silla (Hwarang). XXXVIII:1-66. Oct. 1961.
David Chung: The Han-Sam-Wei-I Principle for Eastern Societies. XXXVIII:95-118. Oct. 1961.<
Kim Chongguk and Kim Chinman: Some Notes on the Sŏnggyun’gwan. XXXVIII:69-91. Oct., 1961.
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Volume XXXIX  1962      PDF file
In Memoriam: Dr Richard Hertz President, Korea Branch Royal Asiatic Society. XXXIX:1-4
Gregory Henderson: Pottery Production in the Earliest Years of the Yi Dynasty. XXXIX:5-22.
Lee Sun-keun: Some Lesser-known Facts about Taewŏn’gun and His Foreign Policy. XXXIX:23-46.
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Volume XL  1963 PDF file
G. St. G. M. Gompertz:Bibliography of Western Literature on KoreaFrom the Earliest Times until 1950, Based on Horace H. Underwood’s “Partial Bibliography of Occidental Literature on Korea.” XL: 1-263.

Volume XLI  1964      PDF file
S. J. Whitwell:Britons in Korea. XLI:3-56.
Richard Rutt: Kim Sakkat, Vagabond Poet. XLI:59-87.
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Volume XLII  1966     PDF file
G. St. G. M. Gompertz:Ceramic History of the Yi Period.XLII:3-25.
Hahm Pyong-choon: An Historical Study of Discriminatory Legislation Against the Descendants of Concubines in Korea, 1415-1894. XLII:27-48.
Yi Tu-hyon: Korean Mask and Mask-dance Plays. XLII:49-67.
Peter Hyun: Notes on Modern Korean Fiction. XLII:69-74.
Kyoichi Arimitsu: An Objective View of Japanese Archaeological Works in Korea. XLII:75-79.
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Volume XLIII  1967     PDF file
Spencer J. Palmer: The New Religions of Korea: Introduction. XLIII:1-10.
Felix Moos: Leadership and Organization in the Olive Tree Movement. XLIII:11-27.
Lee Kang-o: Chungsan’gyo: Its History, Doctrines and Ritual Practices. Trans. by Richard Rutt. XLIII:28-66.
Choi Jai-sok: A Socio-religious Study of Sindonae. XLIII:67-91.
Benjamin Weems: Ch’ŏndogyo Enters Its Second Century. XLIII: 92-100.
Choi Syn-duk: Korea’s Tong-il Movement. XLIII:101-113.
Report of RASKB activities.

Volume XLIV  1968        PDF file
David I. Steinberg: The National Museum of the Republic of Korea. XLIV:1-69.
Kang Man-kil: A Study of the Punwŏn. XLIV:71-127.
Pai Man-sill: Patterns of Furniture Design During the Yi Dynasty. XLIV:129-138.
Hwang Su-young: On the Stone Triad from Namsan, Kyŏngju. XLIV:139-150.
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Volume XLV  1969        PDF file
James  Wade: Reform Movements in Korean Journalism. XLV:13-36.
Koh Myung-shik: Postwar Development of the Korean Press. XLV: 37-49.
Han Man-hyun: Publishing in Korea: An Historical Survey. XLV:51-95.
Kim Kyu: Radio and Television in Korea. XLV:97-107.
James  Wade: The Cinema in Korea: A Robust Invalid. XLV:109-128.
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Volume  XLVI  1971        PDF file

Lee Hyo-jae and others: Life in Urban Korea. XLVI:1-89.
Sociology in Korea. XLVI:7-10. (Lee Man-gap)
Historical Background of Seoul City. XLVI:15-19.
Seoul City Administration. XLVI:21-23.
A Perspective of Three Neighborhoods. XLVI:25-42.
Level of Living. XLVI:43-49.
Daily Life. XLVI:51-61.
Family and Kinship Relations. XLVI:63-71.
Religion and Social Values. XLVI:73-89.
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Volume XLVII  1972       PDF file
Wilbur D. Bacon: Treanslator’s Introduction and Record of Reprimands and Admonitions (Chingbirok). Yu Sŏngnyong. XLVII:7-24.
George Paik:Seventy Years of the RAS in Korea. XLVII:25-39.
Paul S. Crane: Some Reflections on Korean Patterns. XLVII: 41-57.
Susan Lauster: A guide to Haeinsa. XLVII:59-104.
Richard Rutt: Traditional Korean Poetry Criticism. XLVII:105-143.
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Volume XLVIII  1973        PDF file
Sesquicentenary of the Royal Asiatic Society
Benjamin H. Hazard: The Creation of the Korean Navy During the Koryŏ Period. XLVIII:10-28.
Richard Rutt (trans.): Ch’ao-hsun Fu, by Tung Yueh. XLVIII:29-73.
Harold F. Cook: Walter D. Townsend: Pioneer American Businessman in Korea. XLVIII:74-103.
Yi Kyŏngsik. Korea Chronology 1901-1960. XLVIII:104-193.
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Volume XLIX  1974      PDF file
H. Byron Earhart:The New Religions: A Preliminary Interpretation. XLIX:7-25.
Coralie J. Rockwell: Kayago: The Origin and Evolution of the Korean Twelve-string Zither. XLIX:26-47.
Lee Tchang-Bok: Chronology of Plant Taxonomy in Korea. XLIX:48-54.
Richard Rutt (trans.): James Gale’s Translation of the Yŏnhaengnok, An Account of the Korean Embassy to Peking, 1712-1713. XLIX:55-144.
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Volume L  1975       PDF file
Frits Vos: Master Eibokken on Korea and the Korean Language: Supplementary Remarks to Hamel’s Narrative. L:7-42.
Robert C. Provine: The Sacrifice to Confucius in Korea and Its Music. L:43-69.
Shannon McCune: Some Korean Maps. L:70-102.
Presidential Address on the Occasion of the Seventy-fifth Annivesary Celebration of the Royal Asiatic Society, Korea Branch
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Volume  LI  1976       PDF file
George Won, and In-whan Oh. Journalism in Korea: A Short History of the Korean Press. LI:1-55.
John T. Nugent: The Postal History of Dynastic Korea. LI:56-64.
Horace H. Underwood, Korean Literature in English: A Critical Bibliography. LI:65-115.
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Volume 52  1977        PDF file
Richard Rutt (trans.): Paegun Sosŏl, the White Cloud Essays of Yi Kyubo. 52:1-37.
Edward Reynolds Wright: A Note on Yi Dynasty Furniture Making. 52:39-44.
G. St. G. M. Gompertz:The Appeal of Korean Celadon. 52:45-54.
Laurel Kendall: Receiving the Samsin Grandmother: Conception Rituals in Korea. 52:55-70.
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Volume  53 1978       PDF file
Helen Rose Tieszen (trans.): Poems by Korean Children. 53:1-26.
Kim Young-key and Dorothea Sich: A Study of the Childbearing Behavior of Rural Korean Women and Their Families. 53:27-57.
Mark Peterson: The Adoption Dilemma in Traditional Korea. 53:59-67.
David H.McClung (trans. and annotator): The Founding of the Royal Dragon Monastery. 53:69-79.
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Volume 54  1979        PDF file
Karl Leuteritz: Pioneers of German-Korean Partnership. 54:1-11.
Samuel H. Moffett: The Independence Movement and the Missionaries. 54:13-32.
Donald L. Baker: The Martyrdom of Paul Yun: Western Religion and Eastern Ritual in 18th Century Korea. 54:33-58.
Richard Rutt: An Early Koreanologist: Eli Barr Landis, 1865-1898. 54:59-100.
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Volume 55  1980       PDF file
Ku Daeyeol: The Chientao Incident (1920) and Britain. 55:1-33.
Adrian Buzo: Early Korean Writing Systems. 55:35-61.
Dorothy C. Underwood: Musical Aspects of the Modern Korean Art Song. 55:63-84.
Harold F. Cook: Early American Contacts with Korea. 55:85-107.
Constitution of RASKB
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Volume 57  1982       PDF file
Richard L. Walker: Changing Patterns in American Diplomacy: Implications for Korean-American Relations. 57:1-9.
Harold F. Cook: On the Centenary of America’s First Treaty with Korea. 57:11-28.
Robert R. Swartout: United States Ministers to Korea, 1882-1905: The Loss of American Innocence. 57:29-40.
Walter Leifer: Paul-Georg von Mollendorf-Scholar and Statesman. 57:41-52.
Shin In Sup: The First Century in the Development of Korean Advertising. 57:53-66.
Report of RASKB activitiesList of members etc

Volume 58  1983       PDF file
J. E. Hoare:The Centenary of Korean-British Diplomatic Relations: Aspects of British Interest and Involvement.58:1-34.
James Huntley Grayson: Travelling for Her Health: The Extraordinary Life of Isabella Bird Bishop. 58:35-51.
Donald M. Bishop: Shared Failure: American Military Advisors in Korea, 1888-1896. 58:53-76.
Donald N. Clark: The Ming Connection: Notes on Korea’s Experience in the Chinese Tributary System. 58:77-89.
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Volume 59  1984       PDF file
Index to Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society, Korea Branch 1900-1983, Volumes 1-58. 59:1-45.
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List of members etc

Volume 60  1985       PDF file
Laurel Kendall: Death and Taxes: A Korean Approach to Hell. 60:1-14.
Kim Kyun: Entry Sequence to Buddhist Temples. 60:15-30.
Mark Peterson: Slaves and Owners; or Servants and Masters? A Preliminary Examination of Slavery in Traditional Korea. 60:31-41.
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Volume 61  1986       PDF file
J. E. Hoare:The Anglican Cathedral Seoul 1926-1986. 61:1-14.
Tony Michell: Generational Change and Confucianism: Organization and Interaction in Korea. 61:15-34.
Robert R. Swartout: Journey to Old Korea: The 1886 Diary of Gertrude Hall Denny. 61:35-68.
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Volume 62  1987       PDF file
Han Chungnim C.: Social Organization of Upper Han Hamlet in Korea. 62: 1-142.
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Volume 63  1988       PDF file
Harold M. Otness: A History of the Library of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1900-1950. 63:1-12.
Min Kyung-hyun: Traditional Korean Susŏk. 63:13-28.
Timothy R. Tangherlini: New Year’s by the Sea. 63:29-36.
Chung Chai-sik: Confucianism: Tradition and Transformations. 63:37-66.
Kim Emily E.: Traditional Beliefs and Prenatal Care in Urban Korea. 63:67-68.
Peter H. Kunkel, Shin Jae-shin, Yi Kang-suk: Kyŏngno-dang of Korea. 63:69-80.
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Volume 64  1989       PDF file
Choi Chongko: Traditional Korean Law and Its Modernization. 64:1-18.
Donald N. Clark: Impermanent Residents: The Seoul Foreign Community in 1937. 64:19-38.
Karen Eggleston: “You are Dead, the Square is Dead”: The 1989 Chinese Pro-Democracy Movement. 64:39-64.
Suh Ji-moon: A Comparative Look at the Portrayal of Parenthood in Korean and English Fiction. 64:65-78.
Hahn Moo Sook: Chŏng Tasan (1762-1836). 64:79-88.
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Volume 65  1990       PDF file
Daniel A. Kister: The Mature Poetry of Chong Chi-Young. 65:1-14.
Daniel A. Kister (trans.): Chong Chi-Young’s Night and Mountain Poems: Eight Poems from the Poet’s Mature Years. 65:15-22.
Choi Jin Young: Dr. Frank William Schofield and His Place in Korea History. 65:23-34.
Kim Jong-Dae: Amulets. 65:35-40.
Donald S. Macdonald: The Study of Korea in the United States. 65:41-48.
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Volume  66  1991       PDF file
Johannes Huber: Some Background Notes on the Dutch in Korea in the 17th Century. 66:1-8.
Hildi Kang: Tigers in the Tree: Korean Family Lineage Records. 66:9-22.
Brother Anthony: The Poetic Vision of Kim Kwang-kyu. 66:23-44.
Judy van Zile:  Kim Ch’on-hung: Portrait of a Performing Artist. 66:45-60.
Henry Dodge Appenzeller: Three Koreas I Have Known. 66:61-76.
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Volume 67  1992       PDF file
David (John) Wright: Sea Power and Diplomacy in the Far East. 67:1-20.
Daniel Davies: O. N. Denny, Eki Hioki, and Syngman Rhee: Documents from the Papers of Henry Gehard Appenzeller. 67:21-38.
Victor D. Cha: South Korean-Japanese Relations 1969-1979: Is There More Beyond Emotionalism? 67:39-60
Kim Yong-dok: Kosan, Yun Son-do (I587-1671): The Man and His Island. 67:61-70.
Mark E. Byington: Samguk Sagi Volume 48* Biographies Book 8. 67:71-81.
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Volume 68  1993       PDF file
Kwon Yon-ung: Seoul: Founding the New Capital. 68:1-10.
Peter Bartholomew: Chosŏn Dynasty Royal Compounds—Windows to a Lost Culture. 68:11-44.
Sam Kidder: Seoul. 68:45-56.
Richard Rutt (trans.): Footprints of the Wildgoose: Horak hongjo or Hodong sŏrak ki by Kŭmwŏn. 68:57-98.
Report of RASKB activities
List of members etc

Volume  69  1994        PDF file
Hyun-kye Kim Hogarth: Korean Shamanism and Cultural Nationalism. 69:1-22.
Kong Woo-seok. Geographical Divisions of Korean Plants. 69:23-44.
Maissa Cholkamy: Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Temples and Tombs. 69:45-52.
Josh Moreinis: City Planning and Neighborhood Preservation in Seoul. 69:53-70.
Soh Chunghee Sarah: Women in Korean Politics. 69:71-77.
Report of RASKB activities
List of members etc

Volume 70  1995       PDF file
Brother Anthony:  Ko Un’s Hwaom-kyong: A Modem Korean Pilgrim’s Progress. 70:1-14.
N. M. Pankaj:The Buddhist Transformation of Silla Kingship: Buddha as a King and King as a Buddha.70:15-36.
Jane Portal: The Origins of the British Museum’s Korean Collection. 70:37-52.
Allan R. Millett: Remembering the Forgotten War: Anglo-American Scholarship on the Korean Conflict. 70:53-70.
Report of RASKB activities
List of members etc

Volume  71  1996        PDF file
Kim Yong-dok:  Wae Japan as a Tamno of Paekche. 71:1-8.
Bonnie B. C. Oh: Kim Iryŏp: Pioneer Writer/Refomer in Colonial Korea. 71:9-30.
S. E. Solberg, Sang Ran Lee (trans.):Selected Translations from the Poetry of Kim Iryŏp. 71:31-40.
Tatiana M. Simbirtseva: Queen Min of Korea: Coming to Power. 71:41-54.
Valeri Tian: Form and Philosophy in Korean Buddhist Temple, Landscape and Architecture. 71: 55-95.
Report of RASKB activities
List of members etc

Volume 72  1997       PDF file
Brother Anthony:  A Short History of Tea. 72:1-12.
C. Fred Alford:Why Not Believe in Evil?72:13-22.
Suh Ji-moon: Yang Guy-ja and Shin Kyoung-suuk: Two Contrasting Women’s Voices in Korean Literature Today. 72:23-34.
Kim Yong-dok: The Great Tumulus of Whangnam. 72:35-42.
Sofie Bosma: The North Korean Struggle for Survival: 1980-1990. 72:43-60.
Report of RASKB activities
List of members etc

Volume 73  1998       PDF file
Yoon Ha Jong: A Tale of the Korean War and the United States. 73:1-10.
Philippe Thiébault:  Exploring the Confucian Self: A Critique and Reinterpretation. 73:11-40.
Hyun-kye Kim Hogarth: Rationality, Practicality and Modernity: Buddhism, Shamanism and Christianity in Contemporary Korean Society. 73:41-54.
Vladimir Tikhonov: On the Problem of International Status and Stages of the Socio-Political Development of Tae-gaya in the Late 5th and Early 6th Centuries. 73:55-88.
Kim Yong-dok: In Seach of Japan’s Origin. 73:89-99.
Report of RASKB activities
List of members etc

Volume 74  1999       PDF file
John Holstein: The McCune-Reischauer Romanization System for Korean. 74:1-22.
Hans-George Knopp: Reception of Modern Korean Art in Germany. 74:23-26.
Brother Anthony:  The Poetry of Shin Kyong-nim. 74:27-48.
Kim Yong-dok: On I-du: Writing the Korean Language with Chinese Characters. 74:49-58.
Philippe Thiébault:  Yi I, Yulgok (1536-1584), A Path to Maturation and Fulfillment: Poetry, Philosophy, and Wisdom. 74:59-86.
Report of RASKB activities

Volume 75  2000        PDF file
Horace G. Underwood: The Korea Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society: The First One Hundred Years. 75:1-8.
Judy van Zile:  For Men or Women?  The Case of Chinju Kŏmmu, A Sword Dance from South Korea. 75:9-24.
Robert J. Fouser: Translations of Hong Kildong: From Story to Classic to Mascot and Beyond. 75:25-41.
Gary Rector: Accent and Vowel Length in Korean. 75:43-48.
Index to Transactions 75:49-63
Historical Documents  75:65-68
Book Reviews 75:71-76.
Report of RASKB activities

Volume 76  2001       PDF file
Johannes Reckel: Korea and Manchuria: The Historical Links Between Korea and the Ancestors of the Modem Manchus. 76:1-12.
Kim Yong-dok: Japan’s Korean Roots: In Search of Paekche’s Tamnos. On Bronze Mirrors: Relating Paekche and Wae Japan. 76:13-30.
Tatiana M. Simbirtseva: P G. von Moellendorff’s Pro-Russian Activities in Korea (1882-1885): Opinions of Russian Historiographers. 76:31-44.
Eça de Queiroz: Historical Article: An Early Description of Korea and Asia Chinese and Japanese. 76:45-62.
Report of RASKB activities

Volume 77  2002       PDF file
Daniel Kane: Korea in the White City: Korean Participation in the World’s Columbian Exhibition of 1893. 77:1-58.
Nial Moores: The Crane in the Pine Tree: The State of Wetlands in Korea. 77:59-68.
Sylvia Braesel: Karl Friedrich August Guetzlaff: The First German in Korea. 77:69-90.
Robert Neff: Murder in the Land of the Morning Calm. 77:91-104.
Nancy Peck: Chusok Trip to China 2002. 77:105-116.
Kim Yong-dok: Japan’s Connection to Korea: A Series of Three Essays. 77:117-142.
Wilson Strand: Satanic Devils in the Hermit Kingdom. 77:143-159.
Report of RASKB activities
List of members etchref=”

Volume 78  2003    PDF file
Daniel J. Adams: Horace Grant Underwood (1917-2004). 78:1-2.
Elizabeth Underwood: Travel in Korea: Missionary Encounters at the Turn of the Twentieth Century. 78:3-20.
Mark S. Lovmo: Further Investigation into the June 8, 1948 Bombing of Dokdo Island. 78:21-34.
Samuel Hawley: The lmjin War. 78:35-56.
Kim Yong-dok: Japan’s Connection to Korea (Part II): A Series of Three Essays. 78:57-78.
Robert Neff: Emily Brown: The American Empress of Korea. 78:79-84.
Robert Neff: The Jennie Lovatt Letter: An Early View of Pusan in 1885. 78:85-90.
Report of RASKB activities
List of members etc

Volume 79  2004       PDF file
Daniel J. Adams: Church Growth in Korea: Perspectives on the Past and Prospects for the Future. 79:1-32.
D. A. Samsonov:The Expedition to Northern Korea, Autumn 1898. 79:33-46.
Kim Yong-dok: Japan’s Connection to Korea (Part III): A Series of Three Essays. 79:47-64.
Robert Neff: Life at Port Hamilton during the “Preventive Occupation,” 1885-87. 79:65-78.
Sim Yeon-Ok: The Origin and Development of Sericulture in Korea. 79:79-89.
Report of RASKB activities
List of members etc

Volume 80  2005       PDF file
Incoming President’s Address
Lew Young Ick. Contributions by Western Scholars to Modern Historiography in Korea, with Emphasis on the RAS-KB. 80:3-18.
Park L. Gerdine:  Recollections of a Missionary Kid Returning to Korea, August 28, 1945. 80:19-34.
Elisabeth Chabonol: Study of the Archaeological and Historic Sites of Kaesŏng. 80:35-58.
Samuel Hawley: Journey in Korea: The 1884 Travel Diary of George C. Foulk. 80:59-86.
Daniel J. Adams: Koreans in Transition: Americanization at the University of Dubuque, 1911-1935. 80:87-114.
Mary Yu Danico: Korean Identities: What Does It Mean to be Korean American in Korea? 80:115-136.
Report of RASKB activities
List of members etc

Volume 81  2006       PDF file
Daniel J. Adams: Hui Neng in Korea: A Chapter in the Story of Korean Religion. 81:1-22.
Allen Heyman: Buddhist Ritual Music and Dance. 81:23-32.
Donald Macintyre, Peter Beck, Gail Kim: Perilous Journeys: The Plight of North Koreans in China and Beyond. 81:33-92.
Robert Neff: A Glimpse of Life at the Gold Mines. 81:93-110.
David A. Mason:  Sacred Aspects and Assets of Taebaek-san. 81:111-132.
Report of RASKB activities
List of members etc

Volume 82  2007       PDF file
Daniel J. Adams: Twenty-seven Years With The Royal Asiatic Society. 82:1-28.
F. J. Seligson:The Temple on a Hill in Seoul [poems]. 82:29-52.
Robert Neff: Korea’s Inhospitable Shores : Cheju Island Shipwrecks. 82:53-88.
David A. Mason:  Jirisan : Sacred Aspects and Assets. 82:89-106.
Brother Anthony: Korean Patriot and Tea Master: Hyodang Choi Beom-Sul. 82:107-128.
Report of RASKB activities
List of members etc

Volume 83  2008       PDF file
William F. Pore: The Inquiring Literatus: Yi Sugwang’s “Brush-Talks” with Phùng Khac Khoan in Beijing in 1598. 83:1-26.
Robert Neff: An Expedition to Korea to Rescue the Crew of The Narwal in April 1851. 83:27-72.
Daniel J. Adams: Yi Toegye, John Calvin, and the Love of Learning in Korea. 83:73-96.
Kim Yongdeok [Kim Yong-dŏk]: History and Justice: Approaches to the Dokdo Issues. 83:97-105.
F. J. Seligson:Squirrels of Lone Tree Mountain (poems).83 107-116.
Rodney Grapes and Gyeong-Nan Jeong. Beneath our Feet: Geology and Landscape of Seoul. 83:117-132.
Report of RASKB activities
List of members etc

Volume 84  2009       PDF file
Daniel J. Adams: Won Buddhism in Korea: A New Religious Movement Comes of Age. 84:1-35.
Robert Neff: The Wreck of the Chusan. 84:37-50.
Brother Anthony: Three Families in Dilkusha. 84:51-72.
Tobias Lehmann: Minjung Art Reconsidered: Art as a Means of Resistance. 84:73-90.
Allen Heyman: Choi In-Suh and the Tae-Ch’wi-t’a. 84:91-96.
F. J. Seligson:Old Guy Winter.84:97-110.
Jang Song-Hyon. Presidents of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch. 84:111-113.
Report of RASKB activities
List of members etc

Volume 85 2010    PDF file
Edward Shultz: Korea Confronts the Outside: Triumphs and Tragedies.  85:1-12
Andrei Lankov: Forgotten People: The Koreans of Sakhalin Island. 1945-1991. 85:13-28
Sam Hawley: Haengju Mountain Fortress on the “River of Hell.”   85:29-35
Robert Neff: Two Early Articles about Korea.  85:37-55
Jaroslav Olša, jr.: Jiří Viktor Daneš: Czechoslovak Geographer and Diplomat in Colonized Korea. 85:57-64
J. V. Daneš:In Korea (Chosen).  85:65-75
Alan C. Heyman: The Return of the Uigwe. 85:77-93
James Grayson: Idolatry, Ideology  and  Nationalism: A  Korean Millenarian Sect and the State. 85:95-107
Daniel J. Adams: Ghosts, Spirits, and Saints: Ancestors and the Catholic Church in Korea. 85:109-130
Brother Anthony: The Early Years of the RASKB : 1900 – 1920. 85:131-149
Report of RASKB activities
List of members etc

Volume 86 2011 PDF File
Bae Sue Ja: My 45 years with the RASKB. 86:1-5.
J. E. Hoare: Back to the Past: A Visit to North Korea in October 2011. 86:7-23.
Andrei Lankov: The Wall which Crumbles: North Korea and the Outside World. 86:25-40.
Moon-Hyon Nam: The Early History of Korean Electric Light and Power Development. 86:41-59.
Robert Neff: Scandals and Gossip in Joseon Korea. 86:61-69.
Pablo N. Barrera: The Imch’ŏnggak, Neo-Confucian Aesthetics, and Architecture Parlante. 86:71-91.
Steven D. Owyoung: A History of Tea in China, Sometimes Touching on Korea. 86:93-121
Brother Anthony: Tea in Early and Later Joseon: Yi Mok, Dasan, Cho-ui. 86:123-146.
William Richard Carles: Recent Journeys in Korea: 1883-4. 86:147-173.
Brother Anthony: The Life of William Richard Carles. 86:175-179.
Annual RASKB Reports

Volume 87 2012 PDF file
Jaroslav Olša, jr. & Andreas Schirmer: An Unsung Korean Hero in Central Europe. 87:1-14.
Han Hŭng-su: [From:] The Neolithic Culture of Korea (1940). 87:15-34
Emanuel Pastreich: Chinese Vernacular Narratives in Chosŏn Korea. 87:35-64
David A. Mason: Mountain Tourism and Religious Heritage Sites: A Fresh Paradigm. 87:65-80
John Stickler: The Birth of Korea’s Advertising Industry and My Role in It. 87:81-96
Robert D. Neff and Jeon Dong-Hun: Russian Whaling in Joseon Korea. 87:97-116
Brother Anthony: How the West First Learned about Korea. 87:117-160
Cyprian A. G. Bridge: A Glimpse of the Korea. 87:161-168
Annual RASKB Reports. 169 –

Volume 88 2013 PDF file
Alex Švamberk. Czechoslovakia in the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission. 88:1-52
In Memoriam: Alan Heyman (1931 – 2014). 88: 53-57
Wayne Patterson. Christianity, American Missionaries, and Korean Immigration to the United States, 1903-1915. 88:59-78
Bill Streifer. 1945: Korea Faces a Post-Colonial Industrial Future. 88:79-86
Jan Creutzenberg. From Traditional Opera to Modern Music Theatre? 88:87-102
Jill Matthews. Symbolism and Literary Reference in Traditional Korean Gardens. 88:103-120
Hank Morris. Korea in the Asian Crisis of 1997 – 1998: the IMF Crisis in Korea. 88:121-128
Gigi Santow. Jean Perry: Twenty Years a Korea Missionary. 88:129-139
Brother Anthony (Ed.). An English Chemist Visits Korea in 1899. 88:141-151
Robert Neff (Ed.). Robert Thomas’s First Trip To Korea. 88:152-177
Recently Published Books about Korean Studies. 88:178-184
RAS Annual Reports. 88:185-192

Volume 89 2014 PDF file
Thomas Duvernay. The Shinmiyangyo. 89:1-50
Kathryn Weathersby. The Decision for War in Korea. 89:51-64
Victor K. Teplyakov. Reforestation in Korea. 89:65-82
Sylvia Braesel. Marie Antoinette Sontag (1838-1922). 89:83-98
Boudewijn Walraven. A Korean Counterblaste to Tobacco. 89:99-110
Hal Swindall. The Muwisa Amitabha Triad Mural. 89:111-128
Brother Anthony. The Life of Hong Jong-U. 89:129-146
Robert Neff. Frank Carpenter’s Visit To Joseon. 89:147-168
Brother Anthony. Origins of the Catholic Church in Korea. 89:169-192
Recently Published Books in Korean Studies 89:193-196
Annual RASKB Reports 89:197

Volume 90 2015 PDF file
Frederick J. Glover. Korean Christian Nationalists and Canadian Missionaries. 90:1-20
Kathryn Weathersby. North Korea and the Armistice Negotiations. 90:21-46
Boudewijn Walraven. History as Fact and Social Process. 90: 47-56
David A. Mason. “Go-un” Choi Chi-won’s Pungryu. 90:57-70
Brother Anthony. Henri Zuber’s Day-by-Day Record (of the French 1866 Expedition). 90:71-94
Jaroslav Olsa Jr.. The Korean Painter Pae Un-sŏng. 90:95-116
Robert Neff. The Boats of the Han River. 90:117-138
Jon Dunbar. Windows to the Past. 90:139-158
Fred Jeremy Seligson. A Tour of the Buddha’s Dragons. 90:159-164
Tristan Webb. Chŏn Chaekyŏng’s Butterfly. 90:165-176
Recently Published Books about Korea. 90:177-182
Annual RASKB Reports. 90:183

Volume 91 2016 PDF file
William F. Pore: Korean Perspectives on 4 English Voyages. 91:1-19
Hlásny Vladimir and Jung Byung Joon: Alice Hyun and Wellington Chung: Paradise Lost. 91:21-41
Andy Tebay and Nikola Medimorec: Transport Development in Korea. 91:43-54
Nate Kornegay: A Photographic Introduction to Art Deco Architecture in Korea. 91:55-92
David P. Fields: Syngman Rhee: Socialist. 91:93-108
Boudewijn Walraven: Brilliant as the Morning Star: Cultural notes on the yogang. 91:109-120
Jon Dunbar: Seoul’s Last Moon Village(s). 91:121-141
Robert D. Neff: “Korea as Seen from the Saddle” (Homer Hulbert’s accounts of a journey to Pyongyang: Part One). 91:143-162
Brother Anthony: Two Accounts of the French expedition of 1866. 91:163-193
Annual RASKB Report 91:195

Volume 92 2017 PDF file
David Kendall: Cultivating Collective Memories: Seoul’s Changgyeonggung. 92:1-20
Nate Kornegay: Imperial Crown Style in Colonial Korea. 92:21-30
Ned Forney: The Hungnam Evacuation: A Korean War Christmas Miracle. 92: 31-40
Jon Dunbar: Reinventing the Lost Village of Zandari. 92:41-72
Henny Savenije: Korea in Early Western Cartography. 92:73-90
Boudewijn Walraven: Imagining Community and Nation in Late Chosŏn Kasa. 92:91-114
Matthew VanVolkenburg: “To devise an escape from destiny” : The role of fortune-telling in Korea’s developmental past and neoliberal present. 92: 115-132
Robert D. Neff: Korea as Seen from the Saddle (Part 2: Pyongyang). 92: 133-154
Maija Rhee Devine:Kore an Women’s Traditional Outfit and Chador: Cousins? 92: 155-162
Michael Devine: The Korean War, American POWs and the Legacy of Brainwashing. 92: 163-174
Loren Goodman: Imaginative Awakenings: Dream Writing in South Korea. 92: 175-186
Victoria Kim: Photo-Memories: DPRK-Russia By Train. 92: 187-204
Richard Rutt: 100 Great Books of Korea. 92: 205-226
Annual RASKB Report. 92: 227

Volume 93 2018 PDF file
Brother Anthony: The Diamond Mountains: Lost Paradise 93:1-18
Encouragement from Dongducheon 93: 19-30
Moe Taylor: North Korean Fragments of Post-Socialist Guyana 93: 31-42
Mark Peterson: The Gyehu Deungnok 93: 43-52
Robert J. Fouser: “Literature Play” in a New World 93: 53-66
Nate Kornegay: The Architectural Roots of Myeongdong Cathedral 93: 67-72
Moira Saltzman: Jejueo, Korea’s Endangered Language 93: 73-84
Robert D. Neff: The Jeju Fish Wars 93: 85-96
Jon Dunbar: Exploring Manchocheon, Seoul’s Underground River 93: 97-136
Fred Jeremy Seligson: Coveting the Dragon’s Pearl 93: 137-148
Matt VanVolkenburg: Grit and Enterprise 93: 149-168
Annual RASKB Reports 93: 169

Volume 94 2019 PDF file
Brother Anthony: Three Generations of Poetic Dissent: Kim Jiha, Park Nohae, Song Kyung-dong. 94:1-14
Park Jiwon: Your Memory, Our Memories. 94:15-18
James D. Hillmer: ‘A Children’s Paradise’: Reforming Juvenile Incarceration under the US Military Government in Korea, 1945-48. 94:19-42
*CedarBough T.Saeji: Borrowed National Bodies: Ideological Conditioning and Idol-Logical Practices of K-Pop Cover Dance. 94: 43-68
Nate Kornegay: Building the Daegu Hospital (1903-1907): A Study on the Construction and Design of Early Western-Korean Hybrid Architecture. 94: 69-84
Hilary Vanessa Finchum-Sung: Re-centering Female Narratives through Murmurs and Song. 94: 85-106
Robert Neff: Korean Wolves: The Princes of Darkness. 94: 107-120
Yeonju Lee: Minjokchonggyo: The Religions of the Nation. 94: 121-128
Matt VanVolkenburg: ‘Tell the World what is Happening’: The Americans who Witnessed the Kwangju Uprising. 94: 129-144
Joey Rositano: Photographing the People who Pray at Jeju Island’s Shamanic Shrines. 94: 145-168
Jon Dunbar: Three Waves of Korean Punk Explored Through Compilation Albums 94: 169-198
Annual Report of the RAS Korea. 94:199~