Title Author Publisher Year of Publication List price
Aquarlums of Pyongyang, The Kang, Chol-Hwan Basic Books 2005 16,000
Darkness at Dawn: A North Korean Diary Hyun, Peter Hanjin 1981 10,000
Debates on the North in the South 1948-2008 Hak-chun Kim Jimoondang 2010 90,000
DMZ: Dividing the Two Koreas Seoul Selection 2011 9,000
Domestic Politics of Korean Unification, The Hakjoon Kim Jimoondang 2010 90,000
Education of the Legal Profession in Korea West, James M. International Legal Studies 1991 25,000
From Pusan to Panmunjom Paik, Sun Yup (Gen.) Potomac 2007 12,000
From the Hudson to the Yalu Maihafer, Harry Texas A&M Uni Press 1993 20,000
International Law in Korean Perspective Park, Choong-Hyun SNU Press 2004 17,000
Introduction to Korean Maritime Law, An Choi, Lee Sik Korea University Press 1999
Kim Jong Il of North Korea Jung, Chang-Hyun JoongAng Books 2009 33,000
Korean Studies in the World T.J. Pempel, Cheryl B. Welch Jimoondang 2008 18,000
Legislative Process in Korea Kim, Chong Lim & Seong-Tong Pai SNU Press 1981 6,000