The Library contains some 2,000 or more volumes, almost all of them on topics related to Korea. It has accumulated over several decades, mainly through members’ donations. It is always in need of additional materials in order to provide a fuller coverage. The Library is housed in housed in the RAS Korea office.

View an online catalogue of our collection.

Key to the Catalogue:

  • Books in the Korean (and other languages) section are listed in green (although many art texts in Korean are still in the general library)
  • Books in the Oversize section are listed in blue
  • Books in the Rare Books section are listed in red
  • Books highlighted in grey are being considered for removal as they have little connection to Korea.
  • The catalogue follows the Library of Congress system
  • View a general explanation of LC call numbers

A large number of the RAS Library’s books cover the areas of Korean Religion, History and Literature. Books in those areas are also listed in separate files (which have not been updated since 2013).

No provision exists for books to be borrowed, all books must be read in the room housing the library. Anyone wishing to consult the library should contact the librarian, Michael T. Welles, at or the office at royalasiatickorea@gmail.comView Library Regulations.

Read the history of the Library in Transactions vol 63 (1988) by Harold M. Otness.