Title Author Publisher Year of Publication List price
Beauty of Korea, The Suh, Jae-Sik Hollym 35,000
Beauty of Seoul, The Suh, Jae-Sik Hollym 35,000
Buddhist Architecture of Korea Kim, Sung-Woo Hollym 2007 19,800
Buddhist Sculpture (Handbook of Korean Art) Roderick Whitfield Ye-Gyeong 2002 20,000
Buddhist Sculpture of Korea Kim, Lena Hollym 2007 19,800
Daehangno: Theater District in Seoul Lee, Chin-a Arts Council Korea/Hollym 2011 9,800
Decorative Designs in the Houses of the Chosun Dynasty Period Chun, Byung-ok Po Chin Chai, Ltd. 1988 48,000
Diaspora: Korean Nomadism Kim, Jung-rak Arts Council Korea/Hollym 2011 10,000
Dreams of the Living and Hopes of the Dead, The Jeon, Ho-Tae Seoul Nat’l Univ. Press 2007 15,000
Earthenware and Celadon (Handbook of Korean Art) Roderick Whitfield Ye-Gyeong 2002 20,000
Essays on Korean Traditional Music. Translated by Robert C. Provine Lee, Hye-Ku RAS 1981 25,000
Essential Korean Art “From Prehistory to the Joseon Period” Park Youngdae Hyeonamsa 2004 30,000
Folk Painting (Handbook of Korean Art) Yeolsu Yoon, Wonjun Nam Yekyong 2003 20,000
Hand Papermaking, Volume 11, Number 2, Winter 1996 Hand Papermaking, Inc. Hand Papermaking, Inc. 1997 2,000
Handicrafts of the Korean People Son, Yeong-Hak Dahal 2004 24,000
Hanoak: Traditional Korean Homes.Trans. By Maija Rhee Devine Choi, Jae-soon et al Hollym 2011 30,000
Harmonia Koreana: A short history of 20th Century Korean Music Kim, Choon Mee Arts Council Korea/Hollym 2011 10,000
History of Korean Cinema, The Lee, Y. & Choe, Y. Jimoondang 1998 25,000
Introduction to Korean Architecture Park, Sam Y. Jungwoo 1992 240,000
Joseon Royal Court Culture: Ceremonial and Daily Life Shin Myung-ho Dolbegae 2004 28,000
Korea 100 years ago in photographs Kim Wŏn-mo Catholic Publishing 1986 25,000
Korea In Its Creations Lee, O-young Design House 1994 30,000
Korean Folk Art and Craft Adams, Ed. Seoul International Publishing House 1993 16,000
Korean Folk Dance (Korean Culture Series #13) Lee,Byong-Ok Korea Foundation 2008 20,000
Korean Folklore Pictures, Vol 20 (earthenware & ceramics) Kim, Man-hee ? 1984
Korean Korean Cultural Heritage: Fine Arts Seoul Korea F. Korea Foundation 1994 30,000
Korean Korean Cultural Heritage: Traditional Lifestyles Seoul Korea F. Korea Foundation 1997 30,000
Korean Landscape Painting: Continuity & Innovation through the Ages (Korean Culture Series #4) Yi, Song-ni Hollym 2006 19,800
Korean Life : Portayed in Genre Pictures . Trans: Sung, Hye Jean Kim, Man-Hee Hyeonamsa 2002 22,000
Korean Music: Historical and other Aspects Bang-song Song Jimoondang 2000 43,000
Korean Painting: A Selection of eighteenth to early twentieth century paintings from the collection of Cho Won-kyung Vos, Ken Ukiyo-e Books 1994 ?
Korean Performing Arts – Drama, Dance & Music Theatre Yi, Tu-hyon, et. Al Jimoondang 1997 17,000
Korean Printing: From its Origins to 1910 Byeng-Sen Park Jimoondang 2003 30,000
Korean Temples Motifs: Beautiful Symbols of the Buddhist Faith. Trans: Tim Atkinson Gyun, Heo Dolbege 2005 28,000
Korean Tiger: An Exhibition of Korean Folk Painting SeoulCityGov.KBS SLOOC 1984 9,000
Korean Traditional Landscape Architecture Sim, Woo-kyung et. Al Hollym 2007 38,000
Koreana Korean Cultural Heritage: Performing Arts Seoul Korea F. Korea Foundation 1997 30,000
Koreana Korean Cultural Heritage: the other one Seoul Korea F. Korea Foundation 30,000
Korea’s Pottery Heritage, vol. 1 Adams, Ed. Seoul International Publishing House ? 15,000
Korea’s Pottery Heritage, vol. 2 Adams, Ed. Seoul International Publishing House 1990 15,000
Masterpieces of Korean Art Seoul Selection 50,000
Masters of Traditional Korean Handicrafts Seoul Selection 50,000
Meadeup Seoul Selection 19,800
Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea Korea Foundation Korea Foundation 19,800
Modern Korean Artists Korea Foundation Korea Foundation 50,000
Modern Korean Ink Painting (Korean Culture Series #5) Chung, Hung-min Hollym 2006 19,800
Palaces of Korea (Korean Culture Series #3) Kim, Bong-uk Hollym 2006 19,800
Perspectives on Korean Dance Van Zile, Judy Wesleyan Uni Press 2001 30,000
Photographic Look at the Chosun Dynasty, A ( 6 vols. – 25,000 each vol.) So Mun Dang So Mun Dang 25,000
Special Lecture on Korean Paintings Oh, Ju-seok Hollym 2011 25,000
Symbolism and Simplicity: Korean Art from the Collection of Won-kyung Cho Vos, Ken Hotei 1997 35,000
Ten Symbols of Longevity, The Lachman, Charles Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art 2006 ?
Traditional painting: Window on the Korean Mind Seoul Selection 2011 9,000
Traditional Performing Arts of Korea (Korean Culture Series #10) Jeon, Kyung-Wook Korea Foundation 2008 20,000
Understanding Korean Art Jimoondang 35,000
White Porcelain and Punchang Ware (Handbook of Korean Art) Kim Jae-Yeol Ye-Gyeong 2002 20,000
Zen Dance – SonMu: Meditation and Movement Lee, Sun-ock Ilson 1988 17,500
Zen Dance – SonMu: Meditation and Movement Lee, Sun-ock & Jong Chang McCurdy Seoul International Publishing House 1985 35,000